Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Low-Tech High-Tech.

I love technology as much as anyone. There are certain things I don't hesitate to purchase and can't imagine doing without. Like our TV, for example. Cable. DVD players. My laptop.

There are other sparkly high-tech things, however, that don't seem as essential to me. So even though those Christmas ads are urging you to rush out and buy the latest and greatest, let me suggest several low-tech substitutes that seem to fill the role just fine.

My technology. Let me show it to you.

This is my Palm Pilot:
It's winter now -- don't forget the nose stuff!

This is my cordless phone:
It really did work at first, but it broke. I removed the cord and left it there as decoration. Why? Because I like it.

This is my cell phone:
This one is real. In use. Seriously.

This is my PhotoShop:
I use those Cut and Paste tools all the time.

This is my BlackBerry:
I find myself fresh out of blackberries at the moment, but when I have them, they look like this. Only frozen.

This is my Cricut:
FREE to good home!

This is my GameBoy:
His favorites are Probe and football.
(Ok, we actually do have one. But I'm on a roll here!)

This is my Wii Wee.

But it will be replaced by the REAL THING on Christmas morning! Let's talk about hand cream while we wait.

This is my Segway:
Speaking of personal technology...

...what about the rest of you? Any others to add to the list? (I bet you actually do have a laptop if you really think about it.)

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Monday, December 7, 2009

December (Already?)

A few weeks ago, the kids were outside in short sleeves. The sky was blue, the leaves were falling...

...and falling and falling and FALLING!

Canadian Geese were flying noisily over our house every evening...

...because, unlike me, they knew what was coming:


December has arrived, folks.