Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Other Guy Who Had a Dream

Most people are completely unaware of this fact, but there is actually another guy who also made a visionary "I Have a Dream" speech.

The Other Guy

His speech was heard only by a select few (the kids & me), but it had a fairly big impact on the way we live. We moved.

As you know, we bought a house several months ago. There were many wonderful things about this house...but there were also some problems with it. (No, I'm not talking about the pink bathroom, but I do appreciate your concern.) One of the main problems was that it only had three bedrooms, yet our family requires four. But, the house also had a large unfinished basement, and though it was hard for the average home-buyer to see the potential there, my visionary husband did.

We walked through the basement while the house was still filled with the previous owners and all their junk, and my husband was able to see a future in which the basement could be turned into finished rooms that would fill the needs of our family and all our junk!

Photo taken moments after the actual speech, as our daughter absorbs the dream.

Many things have happened between that day and this current day. The dream is slowly becoming a reality. We have torn down walls, demolished barriers, and removed obstacles, laying the foundation for a life in which our children will have new freedoms and opportunities and bedrooms in which to experience dreams of their own!

I'm excited; the future looks bright.

Here -- take a little peek for yourself!

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