Sunday, November 1, 2009


This morning I woke up with a jingle stuck in my head.

Apparently my brain is giving me a gentle little kick in the butt, urging me to put some things in this yawning gap of blog space. I stopped blogging for a bit -- unintentionally, really -- and then found myself unable to start back up. Do I explain my absence? Do I need to fill in the holes first? Can I use those old drafts now, even though they are from past months? Because then everyone will be so confused by the obvious chronological blips in my online diary and will therefore be unable to make sense of the world in which they live??

Heh. I might have been over-thinking it.

But you can just thank your lucky stars that a simple jingle running through my head this morning will allow all of humankind to release its collectively held breath and permit the earth to resume its spinning. (Whew! That was close, eh?)

Ready for the brilliant insight? It's this: BONKERS.

No, seriously, Bonkers -- that 70s board game? Do you remember it?

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The end of the commercial's jingle was:

"...You go backwards to go forwards in a Bonkers kind of fun,
You think that you are losing, when suddenly you've won!
Bonkers is fun,
Bonkers is nice,
Bonkers is never the same game twice!"

Does that ring a bell for anyone? We didn't watch much tv back in those days, so it must have been a fairly frequent commercial for me to remember it. (Though we did have the game, and I remember singing the jingle over and over while playing it, so maybe disregard that last sentence. Hmm.)

Anyway, I woke up with those lines in my head and realized that was the answer: I need to go backwards to go forward.

So here we go.....backwards! Hang on to your hats -- the next few posts will be a Bonkers kind of fun.

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Nate said...

Wow, I had completely forgotten that, but the jingle lyrics brought it all back. I loved that game!