Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Breaking News!: Suburban Housewife Unveils Bold Paint Choice, Inspires Others

I know, I know. My recent post about being stuck sounds a little shallow. It was all very Waa, paint! And Woe, all my things!! Such Suburban Dilemmas...I get that. Trust me, I do.

But the thing is I typically ENJOY doing the kinds of things I mentioned. (No, sorry, not cleaning or laundry or housework in general. No, thank you.) But being creative and making and changing and dreaming up stuff? Yes, please! I love it; it energizes me, it satisfies me. My lamenting was not so much about superficial material stuff as it was about BLANKNESS. Being just...out of it. My disconnect was disconcerting.

I'm still slightly meh about the world outside my door, but I'm incredibly relieved that my brain & I have resumed communications again!
Upcoming holiday deadlines festivities have helped kick me into gear, I think. Also, just taking on some creative challenges got the wheels a'turnin.

So, anyway, back to the paint situation. As I mentioned yesterday, I got Junior's room painted with some help from my daughter who was thrilled to assist. (No, really -- she was thrilled!) It seems my love of all things crafty -- and paint, in particular -- has been passed straight down to her.

I have received an inquiry regarding the color of the paint. Are any of the rest of you curious about the long-debated, long-awaited paint color selection, too? Are you prepared to be awed and amazed by the wellspring source of my inspiration??The color that felled the wall of blankness??

Brace yourself:

Now you just sit back and let it wash over you. Feel the power of that vibrant, stimulating, life-affirming, energizing, joyful, immutable, inspiring...LIGHT GRAY. (*snort*)

Who knows what bold craziness I'll dream up next? Grab your dentures, we're going out!

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