Thursday, July 2, 2009

Face in Hole = An Entire Afternoon Gone! (But Definitely Not Wasted.)

I love finding fun new internet sites -- especially ones that are creative, interactive, and FREE! And, boy, I stumbled across a great one yesterday! is a site that allows you to insert your face into a variety of scenarios to create a hilarious new picture. There's no software to download, it's easy to use, and the results are great. The existing scenarios cover a fairly wide range -- animals, art, sports, pop culture, celebrities -- and the site says you can even create your own, though I haven't tried that feature yet.

I fooled around with this all day, adding my husband's face here and there and just basically cracking myself up.

Look at these!

Admittedly, some scenarios work better than others...

...but faceinhole is definitely going in my bag of tricks!

Now I just have to figure out a way to use all these photos... (cue evil laughter!)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, it looks really cool and I like faceinhole. Yesterday I found one more site where we can edit our pictures: - online photo effects it has more than 100 funny photo templates. Some of them are just gorgeous. It is free and very easy to use..