Monday, August 17, 2009

School, Day 2.

It's Monday, and that means school is really truly starting. As in 5-days-in-a-row, hip-hip-hooray starting. It doesn't seem as exciting today, though.

We missed Junior's bus, because it showed up almost 18 minutes earlier this time and he wasn't even dressed yet. I had to send my other son out to tell the bus driver to head on without us because I wasn't even dressed yet, either.

My daughter gave me an important paper to sign, and when I handed it back to her it slipped through her fingers and floated through the air and then somehow did a graceful loop-de-loop and shot neatly under the stove. She finally retrieved it (and some other icky stuff) with a pair of chopsticks.

My older son's favorite, favorite sweatshirt's zipper got stuck in the up position and then broke off. (No, it's not chilly out, but it is raining heavily.) He yanked the whole thing off over his head and threw it down in disgust just as his bus pulled up.

After the kids were all finally out the door, I took the brand new, freshly-charged battery out of the wall outlet and inserted it into my brand new freshly shiny cordless sweeper to give it a run over the kitchen floor mess...and nothing happened. So apparently the wall outlet is dead.

We seem to have a sudden, severe ant infestation.

My nicest plant is dying, apparently on purpose.

There's a giant zit on my cheek and I'm out of coffee cream.

This room stinks.

I'm going back to bed.

(But, hey -- I CAN!) (insert vague, half-hearted cheer)

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lynne said...

no! not out of coffee cream! no!