Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Google Giggle to Jump-Start Your Day!

I knew today was April Fool's Day. I mean, yesterday I looked up Family Fun's fake food of the year (fish sticks & peas) and rounded up the ingredients; I printed out some unsolvable puzzles for the kids to work on; I made a bag of CreativiTea (the Earl Gray Matter)...

...but I still had a moment of utter disgust when I read the announcement on my gmail sign-in page this morning. For just a moment, I believed. I fell for it hook, line, and sinker.

(click to enlarge)

Then I remembered what day it was.

I clicked to read more about CADIE, and the prank got even funnier:

Really, you must go check out her website. And for further giggles, read some of the comments; they are funny in both directions -- from those who obviously caught on to the joke and responded in kind, and from those who...well, didn't. (Artificial intelligence, indeed!)

What a fun way to start the day -- thanks, gmail! You've inspired me to go do a few pranks of my own.

Happy Foolin', everyone!

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Anonymous said...


I bow to your 4/1 prowess. Around here, a freak snow shower was the highlight prank. Snow? In April? In WA? So odd.