Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Break 2009

I think mine will, too. Eventually.

I know many of you are far away in some sunny location for Spring Break, but just in case you are near a computer, I wanted to send my greetings!

We're having a truly one-of-a-kind vacation this year. We didn't travel anywhere, but we are having an unbelievable week right here at home! I keep forgetting to pull out my camera, but I did just take a few quick photos to post here and help preserve the memories.

First of all, you'd never guess we're still just at home. I mean, the view is incredible. My jaw dropped to the floor when I looked out the window yesterday! It's astounding.
Sorry, daffodils. I didn't know. IT'S APRIL.

We've had LOTS of R & R, with plenty of lounging around.
They usually had comfy nests of blankets and pillows. Don't worry.

We scheduled a few things, but mainly kept the calendar wide open and flexible and even canceled some previous commitments.
Can you decipher my coding system? Also, notice the ENTIRE WEEK of no school that occurred BEFORE Spring Break ever even started?? We are very lucky; we got TWO weeks off!

I've been relaxing a lot, too -- in fact, I didn't even bother to buy groceries and I've barely even had to cook a meal so far!
I promise they will all be thoroughly Cloroxed before I serve you salad or popcorn.

We've had lots & lots of family time; my husband has been home all week so far, and said he might just take the rest of the week off, too!
He was very sick, too, with a miserably high fever that wouldn't register. Oh, and by the way, I was just thinking the other day how lucky it is that he's not the one who bore the children. And also how lucky it is that he never reads this blog.

Even though we haven't even left the house, we've seen some amazing attractions...
I like to seal them up tight and secure for our archaeologist friends to find. It will give the Michael Crichtons of the future something good to write about.

...and visited some incredible places.
I love you, HDTV. (Especially when you have back-to-back episodes of "I Didn't Even Know I Was Pregnant")

Yep, Spring Break 2009 is definitely proving to be a week to remember!

Hope you're having a memorable week, too, wherever you are!

Boy, I can't wait to see your pictures!!


Anonymous said...

You made me laugh out loud, but in a totally empathetic way, as we had a very similar experience with Kids # 1 -4 sharing the virus, the week before Spring Break. So thoughtful. But I get to deal with 2 different school systems, with staggered spring breaks. It will never end. Never.


lynne said...

ooooo i thought my week was bad with a dog that poops in the house and 3 cats that also poop in the house. i'm thanking my stars now tho!
p.s. you stay over on that side of town please. we'll see you in may.