Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ugly Mug Coffee (A Fun Way to Start Your Day!)

How about a break from all that house business? It's time for another Product Review!

I was scanning the grocery store shelves for my usual brand of coffee, when something new caught my eye. The bag was attractive, the description was witty, and it was packaged with a handy metal clip on top! I was immediately hooked and bought my first bag of Ugly Mug coffee. (Excellent job, marketing department! I give you an A+.)

Forget about reading the back of your cereal box in the morning -- you need to read this bag of coffee!

Here's the front, with its inspired metal clip...

...here's one side...

...and the other side (gotta love the bedhead)...

...and the back, with a description that sealed the deal for me.

I came home and googled these guys, because my curiosity was piqued. There is a great website at uglymugcoffee.com, again very impressive for its marketing, but also because of the company's history and mission and genuine likability factor.

Plus there is even a place to send in your own personal bedhead photos! I mean, really -- do you have any idea how much I love a crazy detail like that?

For those of you who have not yet HAD your morning coffee, and therefore find it too overwhelming to go check the place out for yourselves or to follow this link to view more catchy ads, I will paste a couple examples here.


So how does the coffee TASTE? Well,...like coffee! But I'm afraid that it isn't the best coffee I've ever had. I WANT to love this stuff. I really really want to.

But if I'm totally honest, the "First Cup" blend I tried tastes a little dusty.

My solution was to make it extra strong, and then add so much cream and sugar that it was impossible NOT to love it. But I can't drink mugs of warm coffee-flavored ice cream every morning.

Is there anyone out there who can recommend a different blend of Ugly Mug for me to try? A bold, rich, buttery blend? One that tickles my coffee bone AND my tastebuds?

I would love to be able to fully endorse this stuff.

Seriously -- I even have my photo ready!

For the time being, I give Ugly Mug Coffee an overall rating of 3 Jujyfruits...though I truly hope I find a reason to raise that to a solid 5 some day!

Ugly Mug Coffee: 3 Jujyfruits

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Anonymous said...

May they find and sell a product worthy of their marketing, because that is pretty darned cute. Like the Jones Soda of coffee.