Saturday, September 20, 2008

V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! (That's the Fruity Battle Cry)

I would like to take a moment to state once again, for the record, how incredibly frustrated I am by my internet connection at this new house!

That last post? That long-awaited, silly, unimportant glop of drivel that I finally dumped on a plate and offered up to you, my faithful readers? Took an unbelievably loooooooooong time to produce.

My "quick little idea" turned into an agonizing 3-day Battle of Will, filled with lost links, unsaved changes, frozen screens, and computer re-starts.

And while the original idea may have lost a bit of its fresh-fruit scent by the end (I did concede defeat on several issues), I am thrilled to announce that I WON!!

I was hoping to remain undefeated this season, but according to my official scorekeeping records, this latest victory brings the current tally to Jujyfruit: 2 - Verizon: 5.

(Unless you also count the posts which were fully composed in my head that Verizon refused to extract via direct brain uplink....which would actually bring the tally closer to Jujyfruit: 2 - Verizon: 86. But Verizon claims it's "not really fair" to include those. Whatever.)

Now that I have completed my endzone victory dance, however, I am dismayed to discover that my previously undisputed win was tainted. That entry posted without the final changes, full of typos and incorrect words and stuff that is really bugging me...and yet my blogger account claims that the post technically DOES NOT EXIST. That's right: although the post is available online to the public-at-large, I am personally unable to access it.

Which begs the age-old question, "If a blog posts in the forest, and nobody is there to edit it, does it make a sound?"

(And also, "Is it time to run my virus detector?")

I really don't know what's going on here, but I am gonna count it as a victory nonetheless!

So, please to ignore the typos and posits.

The one thing I DO know is, it ain't over yet, folks! I'm stubborn by nature (and people love to root for the underdog, right?) so come on out and show your support. It's gonna be an exciting season, chock full of drama and intrigue.

It's like Must-See-TV, but with computers! And reading!

And now I've lost track of my metaphors...was this about sports or season premieres?

Aw, like it matters. (sigh) Verizon's just gonna post what it wants to, anyway.

Testing, tErstiNg, 1 - 2 - 3#3#3#33333333!@#

Tap, Tap. (Am I on?)

**Jujyfruit: Not quite as fresh, but equally nutritious**

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