Friday, September 19, 2008

Fruity Tutorial: An Introduction to Corners

Good morning, class!

Today we are going to learn about a very important thing called CORNERS.

Do you know what corners are?

Yes -- you in the back! The one wth the feed reader. Go ahead! (And speak loudly so everyone else can hear you.)
Um, no, I'm sorry...that's not actually a corner.

Let's see. Anyone else?

How about you? Yes, you -- the lurker over there in the corner, lingering near the comments section. Do you know what a corner is?


I see. Well, I understand why you were hiding now, but, no, I'm sorry -- that's not a corner, either.

THESE are corners:

When will you ever use this information in real life, you doubtfully ask? Well, I'm getting to posit that unless you live in one of these, you need to know about corners.


Because most houses HAVE corners, you see. That's right, wherever you see edges and angles meeting, you are likely to find a corner.

Because if you don't know about corners, and then you go and sell your house, and the new people who move in DO know...well, there are bound to be some sticky areas in that transaction.

Some hairy, crumb-filled, cob-webbed, sticky areas.

Like this.

And this.
Or this.
And even this.

Now that last particular example of a corner comes from a window sill.

It's very important to remember, class, that each window actually has FOUR corners. And so, IF (hypothetically speaking), one's new house has 26 main windows, then there are actually 104 corners just like that one -- from the windows alone!

On the inside.

And rooms? Why, rooms have AT LEAST four corners...but often times there are more than four.

Many, many, MANY more!

So please, students, PLEASE think about what we have discussed here today.

It's time to educate ourselves, and to think about corners for a change. Each and every one of you has the ability to truly make a difference -- not only for today, but also for the future!

Let's clean up this great nation of ours, one corner at a time.


Penny L. Richards said...

When did you creep into my house and take pictures? Just curious. You missed the Graveyard of Web-trapped Flies on the front room's windowsill--we have very talented spiders, y'know.

Jujyfruit said...

Truth be told, an overly CLEAN house bothers me just as much as an overly DIRTY one...but living in my own mess doesn't bother me nearly as much as living here in someone else's! Other peoples' dirt is just...DIRTIER!! (shivers)