Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Name That Pharmaceutical!

And now it's time to play a little game I like to call Name That Pharmaceutical!

Contestants ready?

Here's your first clue:

It's not a vitamin. It's not an aspirin. The flip side, very curiously, simply says "Dan Dan".

Anybody have a guess?

No? Well, then, here's your second clue:

And if you're still stumped, here's your third and final clue:

If you answered "What is Prednisone?" then you are a winner! (cue confetti)

Apparently we have a wee bit o' poison ivy growing around the edges of our yard. It's actually SO IMPRESSIVELY LARGE that it doesn't even look like poison ivy...but trust me, IT IS.

And if one should happen to be playing catch, and if the ball should happen to land in the nether regions of our yard, and if one should happen to retrieve the ball and then proceed to rub one's eye and scratch one's ear, then one is likely to need a strong course of Prednisone to relieve the swollen, itchy, infected areas...

...especially if this situation were to occur right before school picture day!

Just ask my oldest son. He'll readily concur.

"Say cheese!"

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Penny L. Richards said...

Oh YIKES! Peter's allergic too--we don't have poison ivy in California, but it turns out he'll also react to just plain English ivy--which our condo was COVERED with. Bleck.

It'll be one of those "remember when" school photos.... ;)

The captcha is "Wwekfeki"--I think that's a pretty good word for what it feels like to see your kid with an angry rash. Sorry you're having a wwekfeki day.

Jujyfruit said...

Seriously? No poison ivy in CA? huh. Actually, I've never had it. Which means I'm the one who carefully cleans everything with the ivy wash stuff.

...Carefully, because even after all these years, I'm not totally convinced I'm immune! Part of me suspects it could simply be one way in which my general laziness has actually proven beneficial to me... ;)