Monday, February 9, 2009

Domo's Big Adventure!

Guess what? My fingers are finally thawed enough to type! Now I can regale you with glorious stories of my sunny vacation...hopefully in a way that just makes you happy for me, or makes you smile vicariously; NOT in a way that makes you seethe with jealousy and want to kick me in the shin.

Boy, this could be difficult.

OK, here's an idea: I think I will let someone else tell about the week. That way you won't exactly picture ME at the other end of this unfair-yet-glorious jackpot of golden luck! Plus also you won't be haunted by pictures of me in my bikini.*

When we left for our trip, I kidnapped the little Domo guy off my son's dresser and left a note in his place. The note was written to my son from Domo himself, and it explained that he was sneaking into my suitcase to go off and see the world. (...but that OF COURSE he would be coming back because he LOVES living here!)

So, Domo ended up in Mexico and had quite an adventure. In the spirit of Flat Stanley, or, more currently, Bathroom Gangsta,we took lots of pictures and e-mailed some back while we were gone so the kids could see what Domo was up to.

I've put the photos into a little movie to tell all about Domo's vacation. Enjoy!


*OK, technically there is ONE partial picture of me like that. But there is no bikini. I kid about the bikini! I haven't even owned one since 1988!! (And, actually, those pictures would probably be postable. But you might not recognize me.) But these days? Well, these days a nice, modest tankini -- with skirt! -- bares plenty enough. I guess you might call it a momkini.

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