Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Birthentine's Day! (Get Well Soon!)

"Birthentine's Day" is a fairly rare holiday that occurs when one's birthday falls on Valentine's Day.

Even more rarely, sometimes the day before Birthentine's Day is also Friday the 13th.

And even MORE rarely, occasionally the Birthentiner has back surgery on Friday the 13th, Birthentine's Eve!

And VERY VERY MUCH MORE RARELY, that Birthentiner also is assigned to Room 13, with surgery scheduled to begin at 13:30 military time.

And RARELIEREST STILL, sometimes after surgery, the Birthentiner is able to wiggle the toes on his left foot, something he has been unable to do for the past 30 years!!! (Yes, 3 exclamation points. It's that big. I would put more but you might think I was joking. I'm not.)

This entire set of circumstances is so rare that if the above conditions are true, your name is Bob!

Happy Birthentine's Day, Bob!
Get Well Soon!

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MrNomad said...

Thank You very much for the card and ALL the wonderful thoughts. The last eight years have been some of the best that I have experienced, thanks to your MOM and you. Love Bob/Dad