Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's Genetic.

Sometimes I read one of my own posts and think, "Will anyone besides me actually find this amusing?" And then I remember, "Mom!"

I should clarify, though -- I'm not talking about her being amused in that Anything My Child Does Is Wonderful kind of way...because that's just not how it all actually works, right? (Right?? Or did I just fail another one of those Perfect Parent Tests?)

No, what I mean is that I think my sense of humor has a strong genetic component. I've got some pretty good photographic evidence, too, to show you what I mean.

While we were on vacation recently, mom stayed in our house with our kids. And after she left, I found some little surprises she left behind for me: random phrases she cut out of magazines and taped around the house. (I only wish I had thought of it first!)

Here are some of my favorites:

"It took you 15 minutes to decide what to wear this morning"
(discovered in my closet)

"Survive the 70's? You deserve special treatment"
(taped next to my moisturizers)

"You're tellin' me this little bad-boy will diffuse her dark circles & fine lines...SOLD!"
(attached to my eye cream)

"It's hard to find your litter box if you can hardly smell it."
(stuck to the the top of Junior's diaper pail)

"Gifts suck."
(taped under the sink next to the tampons)

"Stock or broth: what's the difference?"
(discovered on pantry shelf)
Bonus points because I actually asked this question at Christmas!

"Charging Station: A small tray, dressed up with a ribbon, is a tidy place to stow your phone, BlackBerry, or iPod."
(taped to charging station, along with dressy bow)

I keep thinking I might find some more notes any day now*; it's kind of energizing, like Christmas every day, randomly! She definitely knows how to strike my funny bone.

But though the notes were good evidence of some really strong genetic similarities between the two of us, I found other types of evidence that made it pretty clear I didn't inherit EVERYTHING from her....because she also CLEANED.


*I actually worry there might be some sort of test involved here, and that there are certain notes hidden in nooks & crannies, or under piles, or on cleaning products that I won't find until I do the exact same cleaning myself! And then if I mention discovering a note like that months from now, she'll know precisely how much time has passed in between cleanings! IS IT? Mom, am I right??


Mom said...

Heh, heh,'ll never know for sure.....
But at least we know that at least 2 of us find all this amusing....

Jujyfruit said...

Just found the neatly belted sheets and jauntily scarved towels. Good one! :)

Anonymous said...

Hah. That's funny. My sisters and I would totally pull something of this ilk on one another. It's like graffiti, but less lasting.

Anonymous said...

Hey, now 3 people enjoyed the notes posted around your house while you were in Mexico. Your mom tipped me off about this. Also enjoyed Domo's trip down south. Your relative.