Sunday, April 20, 2008

Here Goes Nothin'!

I've been thinking about starting a blog for some time now, but always thought it involved way too much techie stuff for me. Well, turns out I was wrong! I went to our small-town public library recently, and found these two books that explained the start-up process very neatly. Seriously, who knew?! I guess everybody really is doing it!

So I've been puttering around here, creating and saving drafts....but I am nervous about pushing the "publish" button. I need to work on the layout & appearance, search some more great tutorials to find answers to some of my burning questions, and figure out creative ways to turn the ideas in my head into actual content. (And then hope I don't run out!)

Plus, I thought I should put some kind of meaningful Mission Statement, or helpful Content Description, or at least a little blurb about what I plan to put in here. But the pressure seems to have paralyzed me a tad. I woke up today and realized the pressure was all in my mind. (I'm really good at doing that, unfortunately.) (The all in my mind part, that is. The realizing part I'm not so good at.)

So here's the deal. Today is the day I hit the Publish button. I'm gonna have a blog! I'll figure out the rest as I go along. The appearance will change, and the content will be tweaked....just all the more reason for you to come back again, right?

Just up and at 'em. No reason to chicken out. Been a long time comin'. The grass isn't getting any greener, ya know! uhm...let's see, what other cliche would work here? Right. Ok. Now where's that code I need? Gonna do it in a second, folks. One more thing yet. What -- stalling?? No way! Ok, Bye!

Ha - gotcha! I'm still here! No, really YOU go first & I'll just wait right here. Ok, we'll do it together. For realsies this time. Ready? I mean it. I'm gonna do it -- you have to do it, too! Let's countdown. OK. 1........2........3....... PUBLISH!

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