Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring Break-ing Away

While most everyone we know went away to someplace warm and exotic over Spring Break, we settled for something a little more....well, cool and rustic. But it was still away! We loaded up a mountain of food and firewood, our two oldest kids and our two nieces, and made a beeline for a local state park. (Junior stayed with grandparents that first night to simplify things.)

Schools may call this time of year "Spring" Break, but let me tell ya, there was nothing springy about it that first night. It. Was. Cold.

...and kinda soggy. But we put all our faith in the local forecasters' promise of a warm weekend ahead. And you know what?

It happened! The warm front moved in the next day, just as promised. Our stir-crazy, winter-weary, house-bound kids finally got to run around the campground and play in real, actual SUNSHINE. That was outside! And...sunny! And the playground was directly across from our campsite, so the kids could freely explore & roam. It was lovely.

But, like all good things, it had to come to an end. At least for a few of our Happy Campers. The nieces had to head home (planned), and so did I (unplanned). Turns out Junior had developed a fever. It had, in fact, been already present when we left town the previous afternoon, but nobody had noticed, and Grammy was nice enough to keep it her little secret for 24 hours so we didn't worry. But once I heard the details, I knew my personal camping trip was over. I headed home to take care of the the poor little guy while the rest of the family continued on with their camping adventures.

Pop took the kids on a 2-mile hike he read about on the campground map. Only apparently the trail merged with another trail....which added another 1/2 mile UPHILL to reach their destination. So the 2-mile hike turned into a 4 1/2 mile trek. The threats bribes encouragement was provided freely, from what I understand, and upon their return to camp the kids celebrated with ice cream from the camp store.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch...

Junior and I settled in with a box of kleenex, a bottle of Tylenol, and his favorite movie playing on a continuous loop.

(to be continued...)

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