Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spring Break-ing Away, Part 2

(...and the story continues)

The nice weather held, and for two more days they continued with their Spring Break Camping Adventure. The kids went exploring together.

Bubb learned to split logs and how to build a proper fire. (neither of which can ever be done without supervision -- got that, mister?!?)

Tootsie finally learned to enjoy Tortellini Soup (which apparently tastes much better when you are outdoors, cold, and pretty strongly opposed to hot dogs). And she read some good books.

Pop relished in his freedom to lounge outdoors and listen to his beloved Cubs broadcast, with not much more on his To Do list besides 1)keep the fire going and 2)produce something to eat now and then. Did the Cubs win that day? I'm not sure... but for once, I don't think it really mattered to him.

By the third day, Junior was feeling better, so I decided to head back to the campground with him to join in the fun. He was happy to see everyone, and thrilled to be outside. He kept stirring up trouble making messes very busy.

We are down one camp chair now. Although there is some question as to whether that is actually due to Junior or to the gusting winds we had that day. I have my suspicions.

Everybody was pretty tired by evening, and I decided to head back home with Junior in hopes of a more restful night. One that involved a hot shower, cushy bedding, and heat. And possibly even sleeping in with such an empty, quiet house. Turns out Junior had a little wish of his own, too...

Yep. You guessed it.

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