Wednesday, July 2, 2008

21st Century Lemonade Stand

Have I got a deal for you, dear readers!

A little neighborhood friend of mine is running an ebay auction this week, and the clump of dirt that he is offering is definitely a One-Of-A-Kind, Must-See item!

No seriously, it really is a clump of dirt , but you need to go read about it to appreciate the whole story.

As a mother of a child who once sold pillbugs (one per Dixie Cup, only 25 cents each!), drawings (each priced according to her level of pride), dandelion curls!! (remember stripping the ends then dipping them in water?), and most recently, candy (to raise her bunny money), I have to say I am fully supportive of Hewitt's entrepreneurial ebay endeavor.

I have already asked a question and placed 2 bids....wouldn't it be fun to help him get a few more?? (hint, hint!)

I'll even stick a link in my sidebar temporarily, so it's easy to go bid and follow along with the action. See ya on ebay!

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