Friday, July 25, 2008

Makeover Magic (Anybody Want To Go To the Prom?)

Today I bring you another entertaining website, this one courtesy of Mary Kay cosmetics.

Their website offers an online virtual makeover game tool where you can try out product colors and application techniques. I know this is probably very useful to someone who is trying to decide on a new look or color palette...but it also is very useful when one is trying to keep oneself entertained for the afternoon.

While they do limit the overall quantity of makeup a person is allowed to apply to one's virtual face, the program still provides plenty of personalization to paint a powerful picture (pun intended) of product possibilities and personal potential within the privacy of your own home 'puter room.

I know, that was a clumsy sentence, but wasn't it pretty?? See what a little creatively applied pink can do? It can hide your flaws!

Look what a little pink did for me:

Jujyfruit fresh out of bed

Jujyfruit ready for the day!

So, would anybody like to go to the prom with me? Go get yourself ready and send the image to


lynne said...

i just hocked out a carrot laughing after scrolling down to see your after photo. whoa

Jujyfruit said...

I actually think I heard it hit my window. Ha ha h-- HEY, WAIT! Are you saying you don't think I look beautiful in that photo?

That does it. I'm not going. Send the limo away!!

Jujyfruit said...

Kudos to Kathleen for emailing me a photo of her prom makeover! I loved it!

(And, yeah, you're so right...the ash blonde highlights you added really do provide that little something special!) tee hee!

Anybody else ready yet? :)