Monday, July 21, 2008

Voki (Very Ventertaining Virtual Videos)

(Play the video to hear the beginning of this post; if you can't see it, let me know.)

So how do you make a Voki of your own? In a nutshell, this is what you do. First choose a basic character from the Voki library, pick a hair-do, tweak the facial characteristics, and adjust the hair/eye/skin colors to recreate the person you have in mind. Once the face starts to looks right, select clothes, accessories, and a background to add more detail. Then, as a final step, give your Voki something to say. The Voki site provides voices that will read your typed text...but you can also call in and record your very own voice, which is what I did for this clip. Your Voki can then be emailed to a friend (great snarky potential!) or embedded in a site to bring your virtual character to life.

Some faces work better than others, of course, especially if you are trying to make an actual person. I haven't found a really good match for myself yet. This one seems to be the best match so far, using Hilary Clinton as a base...but then I couldn't change the hairstyle to match mine. But I think you get the picture.

I'll show you a few other samples I've made, to get your creative Voki juices flowing.

Here's my husband as a Voki:

And here he is in the flesh:

"I agree -- it's really not that funny."

And here's our neighborhood VIP, Lucy:

The snarky potential is fun, too. Here's part of one I jokingly sent to a friend on Sunday morning:

(Now obviously, I was at home on the computer as well...heh, heh.) Anyhoo.

Get a Voki now!
Click on the link to go make a Voki of your own. I'm telling you, it's a hoot!


Anonymous said...

This is your real mom speaking--I am NOT a Voki this time. You have me hooked, love these things. Find myself waking up at night and laughing over people I can create and what I can make them say. I'm easily entertained.....

Anonymous said...

Oh, great, another web-vice for the Trindle household to start hogging computers over. Thanks J!


Jujyfruit said...

Real mom -- "easily entertained" really does seem to run in the family, doesn't it? :)

RST -- happy to oblige! (I've got more web-treats tucked away in my back pocket to share later. Don't want to ruin our appetites so close to supper...)

atsirk said...

I want to see me as a Voki! :)