Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Countdown is On!

I had a huge flash of insight this morning -- I realized that the end of suffer summer vacation is only ONE PRESCRIPTION REFILL away!!


McMommy said...

Juj...if I may call you that...The fact that you thought Sue and I may be the same person MAKES ME ALL TINGLY WITH EXCITEMENT!!!

Although Poor Sue.

She's probably OUTRAGED to be confused with the lower echelon of blog society like moi.

But ME...ohhhhhh!!! You made my day!!! :)

Jujyfruit said...

Ha! Well, you know, it was the whole McDonald's theme...but now I understand it really means "M.&C.'s Mommy". I still kind of picture golden arches & stripe-y boxes of fries in my mind, though... :)