Monday, August 18, 2008

Product Review: Alphabet-Shaped Pretzels

I realized in looking back over my description of this blog, I mentioned that I love to find bargains and deals, but I have yet to feature any of these in my posts! So it's high time to include a few items in this category.

For my first product recommendation, I offer the perfect Back-To-School snack: Meijer Alphabet Shaped Pretzels. They taste like regular old pretzels, if perhaps not as thin and crunchy as the gold standard (Rold Gold Pretzel Sticks, IMHO). But pretzels? It's hard to go wrong with any brand, frankly, and the sheer fun that these alphabet shapes offer is well worth any difference in taste or crunch.

Of course, these pretzels are a wonderful snack for younger kids who are still learning the alphabet; Junior loves to discover one of his favorite letters while munching on a bowl of these. And I think they make an excellent choice for a classroom snack offering, if you happen to get requests from your kids' teachers (as I do), since they are fairly healthy, AND educational, AND cheap ($1.59 for a 15-oz. bag).

But the other thing these pretzels have going for them is the bonus entertainment factor they provide for older kids. Kids who are able to spell words and write phrases. Kids who like things snarky...

Kids like ME!

The possibilities are endless! Just think of all you could do with this little bag o' fun:

Do your kids ever complain about the snack you give them?

Do they ever tell you they're not hungry for the item on their plates?

Do they ever request something completely different than what you've already prepared?

Well, now parents have a fun and creative way to make a statement, let the kids know their options, or let off some steam, while at the same time providing a quick and easy after-school snack!

Or, of course, you could use them to help your children practice the alphabet or work on weekly spelling words...

...or to, ya know, leave messages like "Enjoy your snack," or "Hope you had a good day," or "I love you."

(Hunh! I guess these pretzels really would work for that, too, wouldn't they?!)

Please excuse me now...I need to quickly go change something before the kids get home!!


Product Rating: 4.5 Jujyfruits

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Anonymous said...

Oh, great, thanks -- now I'm craving pretzels.

If only those came in chocolate covered version -- that would be a good thing. I think I would be more likely to spell out nice and kind things in chocolate. RST

Randi said...

Where do I get these? Can you please tell me which store?

Jujyfruit said...

Randi, these pretzels are Meijer store brand. Meijer is a large grocery (and lots of other stuff) store chain in these parts. I'm not sure if it's only regional or midwest or national...? Good luck with your pretzel search. :)