Saturday, August 2, 2008

Aruba, Jamaica, Oooo, I Wanna Take Ya...

And if that post title doesn't immediately start the song playing in in the jukebox of your mind, you must be considerably younger or older than me...

The Perfect Photo credit here.
Now that I have removed the sitemeter bug and am able to post again, I'm gonna make an escape!

Yep, we're taking a little vacation. To a nice, sunny, beachy spot (though not actually Aruba or Jamaica).

There's one little glitch in the lounging-on-the-beach scenario I've been picturing, though.

Once again, there is a less-than-ideal local forecast for the special occasion:
And the extended version?:
I'm not exactly sure what I've done to offend Mother Nature so, but she really has been acting a bit spiteful towards me recently.

(Sigh) Ah, well. It will still be fun to get away, spend some time with my side of the family, and enjoy more scenes like this:
Bye, Internets! Be back soon!

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