Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summery Summary

Here's the short version: I MADE IT!

Summer is officially over; all three kids are back in school today! Some days felt long long long, but at the same time I can hardly believe it all went that fast. I'm celebrating with some extra mugs of coffee this morning, and free reign on the computer for the next 2 hours.

I've got a lot of catching up to do around here.

Let the posting resume!


Penny L. Richards said...

So jealous--we've got more than three weeks to go (school resumes 4 September). And no camps scheduled. And no trips scheduled. And no sink, stove, dishwasher or countertops in the kitchen (they were demo'd yesterday). EEK!

Enjoy that extra mug or two! I need at least that many, uh, right this minute... kids, in the car!

Anonymous said...

ditto the jealous vibes.

No caregiver, no school, nothing (fun) on the calendar -- can't wait for Sept 2.

And welcome back.

Penny L. Richards said...

Thanks for giving me the idea/excuse--coffee at the funky cafe with old couches was exactly the right thing to do this morning (well, at 10:45am, when it wasn't too busy). Especially because we got the brownie-with-the-works--Jake ate the toppings, Nell and I ate the rest. Suh-weet!