Thursday, June 19, 2008

Say Hello to Blog, Jr.

I've been realizing how many of my day-to-day situations and posting ideas have to do with my youngest son, Junior. But I don't think those things belong on this particular blog. This blog? Well, it's a sorta-kinda mommyblog, I guess, but I really view it more as a creative outlet and source of entertainment for both me and my loyal readers three browsers neighbor (hi, Lynne!) and mom.

I have decided to create a separate blog for Junior. He single-handedly produces enough fodder for many posts to come, and there is often a story behind the story in these posts that I could tell. I do envision occasional overlap, and some posts might be cross-linked, but it is a separate endeavor with a different purpose and audience. Feel free to come join me there, too, and learn more about my son and my experiences in just daily being his mom.

Some of the posts are about things that occurred a little while back (while school was still in session), so they will be back-dated, but I will try to put new ones up regularly for the next few days until we are all caught up to the current date.

Click here to read the first post on the new blog.

Don't worry, uh...Lynne & mom -- things will carry on as usual here.

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atsirk said...

Uh, I'm a faithful reader too...I mean I'm not your mom or your neighbor, but just because we live on the other side of the tracks doesn't mean we're not fans!