Saturday, June 14, 2008

NailWatch 2008 (Another Important Follow-Up Post)

So remember that little story about Junior getting his finger pinched in a door last month? And how a trip to the doctor's office removed all evidence of injury? Well...despite that nail's outwardly lovely appearance, things were not quite right underneath it all.

Junior came home from school a week or so later with his entire nail hanging by a hinge, opening and shutting like a tiny door. He kept messing with it and pulling on it and saying "Owsh"...and then I walked into the kitchen to find him getting ready to cut the whole thing off with kitchen shears!

It was like a slow-motion action scene, with me flailing my way across the room, feet stuck in molasses, shouting, "Nooooooooooooooo!" while the audience gasps and peeks through parted fingers.

I made it in time, thank goodness.

Willing away the shivers running up and down my spine and trying to replace the wince on my face with a Confident & Wise Nurse Mommy mask, we cut that little sucker off. Once again, I am utterly amazed at my ignorance of all this nail injury stuff, because I thought that would have to be the most sensitive and tender little fingertip in all the land...but Junior just goes about business as usual.

He does love to show people, though. And it's pretty funny to watch the sudden comprehension appear on someone's face as he realizes exactly what it is he is seeing; it's clearly not just me who gets the heebie jeebies from that thing!

Wanna see?


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