Sunday, June 22, 2008

Priceline Negotiator & Marvin the Martian: Friday Night Smackdown!

I love to see Junior playing with his siblings. I mean, really playing WITH, not just following from the outskirts. This occurs more & more now that they are all a little older, and they have a handful of silly little games in their repertoire.

The latest game, developed by Junior's older brother, and reserved solely for the two of them, is called "Priceline Negotiator". Ya know, like the commercials? (Click to access video if you want to watch a snippet.)

To play the game, first you have to sing the phrase, with inflection like this: "Price-line Ne-go-shee-A-TOR!" And you have to wear special headgear (small shoulder pads from an old Halloween football costume). And then you run around and jump on things and then fall down and wrestle a bit, singing the phrase with abandon and repeating the steps as necessary.

It was really cracking me up, and made me think of Marvin the Martian from those old Bugs Bunny episodes, with his crazy helmet and "Space Modula-TOR" voice. So I started randomly saying, "Where is my Space Modula-TOR?" in my best imitation of Marvin the Martian, and that quickly became part of the game as well.

Every so often, now, Junior runs into the room and points to my mouth with an excited grin, which is my cue to pipe in with my silly Marvin line (which then cracks him up, and makes him do some crazy, throaty vocalizing of his own).

So it's not only a whole barrel o' fun, it's also therapeutic!

But wait, there's more!

No batteries required AND I can type while they play it! (Look at me! Whee!! Type type type type!)

And on top of all that, it truly tickles my funny bone. Yes, it's true -- a wild, loud, wrestling game moms approve of! Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Now, what would you expect to pay for all this? $39.95? $29.95? How about the unbelievably low limited-time offer of $19.95?

Be the envy of your neighborhood! Simply send a one-time payment of $19.95 in cash or money order to Jujyfruit Inc., and you can expect to recieve your very own set of Matching Protective Headgear and Detailed Instruction Booklet within 4-6 weeks.

Yep, we're obviously ALL pretty easily amused around here. Heh heh. Ahem.

Seriously, though, this game? It's a keeper.

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