Thursday, June 5, 2008

Now THAT Is A Love Note!

I have a confession to make. You know my last post, all hopeful and prepared for the long days of summer? seems I'm going to have to renew that pledge every single morning. Yesterday was just frustrating and long and annoying. And really humid & rainy outside, which doesn't help matters any.

I kind of lost it last night.

The details are nothing new. Nothing dramatic, nothing last straw-ish. Just the same. The same same same same SAME! The sense of being stuck in a time warp is overwhelming sometimes. My Life As A Science Fiction Novel: The Day That Never Ended, That In Fact Turned Into Years and Decades and Eons of...THE SAME.

Of course I'm exaggerating. A little, anyway. Things have changed, but the changes are such baby steps that they are easy to overlook.

Anyway, back to the love note heading of this post. I went to sleep a little beaten & weary. I managed to sleep in until 8:00am this morning, which is pretty good for me. Before I even opened my eyes or made a peep or moved a muscle (for fear of waking Junior, who is still ending up in our bed every night, with our last uninterrupted sleep back in April, and before that...oh, I don't know, NOVEMBER, maybe??!), I gave myself a firm talking to, along with an encouraging peptalk. Today is a new day! I will do better!

....and when I rolled over, the bed was empty!

I was so grateful that my husband had slipped out of the room with Junior and let me sleep. That is such a rare thing. I felt pretty perky heading downstairs for morning coffee and to say good morning to them.

.....and when I reached the living room, the couch was empty!

Ditto for the kitchen and the back yard. Huh??

Then I saw it. A bright white rectangle of LOVE, I tell you, fairly glimmering with sunshine adn rainbows and peace and happiness and hope for a better world! Take a look:

I don't know how he's doing it, I haven't called to check in, I hardly even dare to peek out the front door without knocking on wood, lest my little slice of Coffee-and-Computer Paradise vanishes.

That is a love note, pure and simple. One of the sweetest ever.

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Kathleen said...


After having seen you in early August these past couple of years in our heavenly white cabin on the lake (with a weary smile on your face), I've figured out how tough summers are for you. Here's to hubby for taking one for the team! I almost got teary when i read the note.