Monday, June 9, 2008

Weather Word Games: The Hink Pink Edition

We are on our 5th straight day of 90 degree temps and high humidity/rain. Our air conditioner is on the fritz. It is hot and still and muggy, indoors and out. I thought a nice, cool shower would refresh me...but then I was confronted by the ugly reality of the unpleasantness that these hot & dripping weather conditions can create in a bathroom.

But you know the old saying, "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade"? Well, in this case, I say, "When life hands you nonrelenting high humidity and heat and turns your house into a giant petri dish of thriving spores and fungus and you are too hot and sweaty to repair the problem, make a word game!"

So here's a little bit o' fun called Word Games Inspired by the Weather. Remember the old rhyming game called Hink Pinks? Here's how they work. I give you a little riddle to solve which can be answered by a pair of rhyming words. "Hink Pink" means they each have one syllable, "Hinky Pinky" means two syllables, and "Hinkety Pinkety" lets you know each word has three syllables (although I don't think I have any of those in this round).

Here are the riddles:

1. unpleasant odor in tub stall due to nondrying hanging curtain (hinky pinky)

2. black and orange discolorations in shower curtain valleys (hink pink)

3. puddles and general stickiness on nondrying bathroom walking surface (hink pink)

4. strange aroma eeking out of water basin pipe drain (hink pink)

5. the ooze around the very edge of the circular screen in the sink (hink pink)

6. mildew growing around water level in toilet (hink pink)

7. what all this humidity is doing to the surface of our overhead bathroom paint (hinky pinky)

8. the scent wafting out of my body-drying fabric (hink pink)

9. what this ripe, humid petri dish condition might cause to grow on our tooth-cleaning devices (hink pink)

10. the layer of gnats stuck to the damp floor (hink pink)

Go ahead -- play along at home! You can check your answers below. If you come up with some more, feel free to add them in the comments section.


1. sour shower
2. fold mold
3. floor gore
4. sink stink
5. drain stain
6. pot rot
7. ceiling peeling
8. foul towel
9. brush thrush
10. bug rug


Anonymous said...

Bathroom decor in Seattle (hink pink)

COLD mold

stale undergarment due to sweatiness (hinkety pinkety)

Mustier bustiere

Is that even spelled right? I think not. But nonetheless, had to be shared.


Jujyfruit said...

Oh, Rachel. See, my mind was going in a slightly different direction. I thought maybe the answer was "bazungas a-fungus" or boulder holder"

There were a few others, rather tasteless, but even I draw the line at some point!

Besides, I'm trying to eat a lovely slice of banana bread and all this mold/stank/ick talk is taking away my appetite. So I must immediately end such dirty thoughts; there are snacks to be had!

And again, do you see how neatly I can draw a line? :)

Carissa Peck said...

I love hink pinks! I learned them as ink pinks, but the exact same. I actually use them when I teach ( but I wanted to let you know there are studies that show these types of games help your memory, vocabulary and their critical thinking. So keep it up!