Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More From the Fancy-Free Files

I had a small revelation this morning, triggered partially by my last post, which mentioned asparagus, and partially by Junior sitting on my lap as I typed it while we sipped our morning coffee.

Here it is (although I should warn you to stop reading now if you are eating or are easily offended!): there are certain smells that just don't belong in diapers.

An odd statement to make, I know, because I've been changing diapers for 12-odd years now, and I'll be the first to admit there are all variety of unpleasant odors involved with that task. But, let's see...how can I put this? To phrase it somewhat delicately, you know how sometimes after eating asparagus or drinking coffee, the corresponding odors seem to exit the body via the bladder?

Well, asparagus-scented pee and coffee-scented pee just do NOT belong in diapers! Trust me, there is a reason you don't see Gerber's Creamy Asparagus Puree or Similac Coffee Latte Formula in the baby food aisles.


And now that I have thoroughly made this site Fancy-Free for the day, I feel compelled to note that I recently mentioned this blog to certain family members. And that they will likely be paying a visit soon. And now I feel sort of like I invited them to a lovely little dinner party....and then proceeded to greet them at the front door with a lampshade on my head, asking them to pull my finger!

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