Friday, June 13, 2008

Important Bathroom Update

I would just like to announce that my bathroom has been restored to clean, sparkly shininess! The shower curtain has even received its periodic laundering. The scent of cleansers and fabric softener fills the air in there!*

You no longer need fear a visit to Casa Jujyfruit. (And to those of you who came despite the fear, you may now feel free to pee as needed.)

PS. Even though I scrubbed it all clean, apparently I forgot to hang the hand towel NEATLY. Ah, so sue me! At least it smells good!

PPS. That was a joke, you know. Don't sue me! Read the fine print below!

*Management does not assume legal responsibility for the veracity of this statement over the passage of time. This is a one-time claim with limited warranty. All consumers waive their rights to take legal action pertaining to the subjective nature of the manager's claim. No refunds will be given. No rain-checks will be issued. Plus, any claims about shiny neatness do not pertain to bunched or wrinkly towels.

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