Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thanks, I Needed That

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Here's a big shout out to my gal, Mother Nature! (Hey there,, friend! Love your haircut! Have you lost weight? You look fabuous today -- love that shade of blue on you! We're all good, right? Even after that letter I sent you recently?)

Yesterday was a beautiful day. Seriously, just beautiful! The sun was shining, a refreshing breeze was blowing, the temperature was a mere 79 degrees, the humidity was lower -- I mean the sky was actually blue! And after that sweaty run of humid heat (with no air conditioning), it was an incredibly refreshing change.

In other news, we got our air conditioner fixed yesterday, too. (Yeah. I know.) Turns out the coolant was low, but mainly the breaker was off. (Yeah, I KNOW!) But it's working now, and last night I slept much better and not only used a sheet, but actually got a little chilly during the night and had to get up for a light blanket!

And, just wait, it gets even better -- JUNIOR

Think I'll buy a lottery ticket today.

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Kelly said...

Ha! I love someecards, they slay me.
A friend showed me these guys - check out their father's day and graduation cards - hilarious
Cerebral Itch - who may not have as many but I think their cards are way funnier and wittier.

Great Blog BTW!