Monday, June 2, 2008

Drawing the Calves

Yeah, I'm still here. Been a little negligent on the blog front, though. Sorry about that.

The main reason for my absence boils down to this: summer vacation. No, I haven't gone on one -- I've just been filling my tanks and drawing the calves in preparation.

"Drawing calves" is my mom's saying. She was the daughter of a dairy farmer, and she recalls that before going on any family trips, her dad would have to go out and draw the calves (literally). He had registered Holsteins, which meant there were certain standards regarding coloration and markings that had to be met. Each calf had to be drawn from all four sides on special graph paper so that the percentage of coloration could be properly determined and recorded. It was one of those jobs that could really have been done at any time...but somehow was left until the last minute when it became essential. So while the family waited to leave, grandpa would be out drawing calves.

Similarly, as the school calendar days ticked off (unbelievably quickly, I might add!), I started remembering all the things I meant to get done. So I've been cleaning and going through closets and working in the yard and running errands and making phone calls and going shopping and reading and enjoying my freedom. Then there was also a camping trip in there, a 4-night/5-day stretch when my husband was out of town, various school events to attend, and a short bout of flu (yuck).

Basically, life happened. And instead of stepping out of my life to blog about it, I just lived it. (Plus, I was just too distracted by the ever-present tick-tock-ticking in my head to post.)

Anyway, school ended last week, and now I'm all ready for summer. Sort of. I mean, the calves are drawn and all...but I'm still not feeling fully prepared.

Summer has been hard for me the last several years. Long days stretch out before me, but I don't know how to fill them. The older two kids want to have friends over, go swimming, plan adventures, just do typical summer kid stuff. But Junior isn't on the same page; his behavior is such a challenge in unfamiliar or stimulating situations. He needs the routine and predictability that the school year provides. I end up feeling pulled in very different directions (while dreaming longingly of my own!) and disappointment and frustration abounds. Summers? They're just hard.

I've done what I can to prepare for the summer, both physically and mentally. I'm being proactive! I'm remaining optimistic! I've organized and cleaned and planned!

The drawings are complete. The itinerary is filled. It's time to head on out, folks. Wish me well.

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Mark & Lisa said...

Ah, diagramming (Spike's words, I believe) the calves...

I think organization skips a generation and procrastination doubles in size when it hits the grandchildren. I never have figured out how to be Gloria's child and always have everything prepared before you even knew you needed it.

In fact, I meant to comment several times before on your blog but never did get around to it. How sad is that?

Too bad you don't have year round school like us. It makes "summer" go pretty quickly. Of course, then you'd have several "summers" a year to deal with.

Hope you're finding small joys in your summer!